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“‘Folk’ here in all its grittiness is a euphoric communion of energetic sound, and, perched as I am on the periphery looking on, it’s both moving to witness the passionate, vocal unity of a large, diverse, foot-stomping group of people, and vaguely disquieting. There’s something edgy, precipitous about an amped-up crowd. But when the final negotiated encore ends (“Ok, we’ll give you one more song”; “Can’t you give us two?”), the surging tide of people ebbs away peaceably into the night, still singing, grinning.”

 - The Hook Bridget Freeman


Albi & The Wolves set fire to stages and fill hearts with hope with their energetic and relatable alternative indie folk songs. Chris Dent, the proud albino frontman Albi, Pascal Roggen and Micheal Young have crafted a stage show that’s brimming with energy and moments to pause for reflection.


The trio has a huge sound that is simply created by an acoustic guitar, electric violin, double bass and their three voices. Since 2014 they have gone from strength to strength touring in Australia, New Zealand and Rarotonga and in 2018 they took home the Best Folk Artist Award at the NZVMA’s.


What makes the band special is the sense of community that follows them everywhere they go so whether it’s connection through dance, laughter, or singing audiences feel radiant after shows and keep coming back for more..

“They carry the folk label but this is folk that someone has tinkered with under the bonnet. ”

 - The Hook, Ian Thomas


Micheal Young


Chris Dent


Pascal Roggen

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