“‘Folk’ here in all its grittiness is a euphoric communion of energetic sound, and, perched as I am on the periphery looking on, it’s both moving to witness the passionate, vocal unity of a large, diverse, foot-stomping group of people, and vaguely disquieting. There’s something edgy, precipitous about an amped-up crowd. But when the final negotiated encore ends (“Ok, we’ll give you one more song”; “Can’t you give us two?”), the surging tide of people ebbs away peaceably into the night, still singing, grinning.”

 - The Hook Bridget Freeman

Albi & The Wolves are soul filled, energetic, electric, and beautiful and they pride themselves on pushing the limits of what three musicians can do within the string band format.


The trio create a huge sound using only an acoustic guitar, an electric violin, a double bass, their three voices, and a stomp. These instruments are played by Chris Dent (the proud albino front man Albi), Pascal Roggen, and Micheal Young respectively and each member contributes to the music from broadly different musical backgrounds. The band is renowned for their great stage presence and the huge dynamic within their shows that they have evolved by touring New Zealand extensively.


Their songs stand out on their own too as the band recently won the Best Folk Artist 2018 TUI at the New Zealand Music Awards for their debut album One Eye Open.


So whether it’s Woodford Folk Festival in Brisbane, Australia, or a humble homestead in rural New Zealand the band bring their world class sense of humour and their music with them. Wherever you get the chance to see them you most definitely should as this act is not to be missed

“They carry the folk label but this is folk that someone has tinkered with under the bonnet. ”

 - The Hook, Ian Thomas

Micheal Young

Chris Dent

Pascal Roggen


Chris Dent

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